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Services We Offer

  1. Design Your Introduction as a Compelling Online Story
  2. Your Own Wonderful Story is the Best Way to Introduce Yourself.

    Online is How Successful Businesses are Rapidly Growing More Easily between Australia and China.

    Crafting Your Introduction as an Online Story is a Commercial Goal & Challenge that We Help You Achieve & Overcome.

    Service: Story Design and Structure

    FIRST STEP: Written in English –  Fee Cost = A$200 per story

    SECOND STEP: Translated into Mandarin – Fee Cost = A$100

    THIRD STEP: Video 60 Second Story in English – Fee Cost = A$200

    FOURTH STEP: Video 60 Second Story in Mandarin – Fee Cost = A$200

  3. Protect Your Privacy & Identity Online by Leasing a Story ID Number

    Publish Your Story in a Way that Protects Your Online Privacy in these Branded Platforms:

    Farms and Finance –

    Open Sesame –

    GFA & Associates is a Trusted Relationship Manager Operating in both of these Online Platforms.

    Service: Lease one storyID number to list your story in one or both of these online platforms

    Fee Cost: A$100 per year

  4. Broadcast, Distribute, Promote and Market Your Online Story

Social Media Networks LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Facebook and WeChat

We Promote Your Business and Protect Your Privacy.

Service: Distribution of Your Story

Fee Cost: $100 per broadcast


  1. Manage Communications to Help You Negotiate Qualified Introductions

We Help You Field & Manage Requests from Online Market Relationships Who Want to Learn More About You and Your Story.

Service: Communication Management

Fee Cost: $100 per Successful Qualified Introduction