60 Seconds to Attract an Investor


Are you a food business owner in Tasmania who needs equity partner capital to survive and grow?

Finding the right investor may not feel easy but it is simple.

Step 1 – Control ownership of a stable business that can grow and produce more food.

Step 2 – Get lots and lots of investors to analyze your business.

How do you persuade the right investors that “analyzing your business” is worth their time?

You must master a 60 second pitch that convinces investors to seize the “opportunity to analyze your business” before their competitors have a chance to do that first.

Convincing Listeners to Act

You need the listener to feel something so positive about your story that they need to take some meaningful action like this:

– Ask to learn more OR forward your story to their peers.

You must provide your listeners with a positive emotional experience.

Elicit emotion is the true goal of your 60-second pitch.

The secret of your successful 60-second pitch is to convey the most powerful elements of your story clearly, succinctly and passionately.

Get the listener emotionally involved enough that he demands to learn more.

Your humanity needs to speak to their humanity, regardless of the difference in income or life experience.

“Seeing part of themselves in you” will elicit emotion.

When you present your key elements in a compelling way then the right people will fight for the opportunity to learn more about you.


  1. Who is the hero in your story?
  2. Why will the listener empathize with your hero?
  3. What is the setup of the story?
  4. What opportunity is presented to your hero?
  5. What is your hero’s outer motivation?
  6. What is the conflict?
  7. What is your hero’s arc? – Your hero’s arc must always be universal.
  8. What deeper issues does the story explore?
  9. What are the successful antecedents for your story?
  10. What is your passion for this story?

You must decide which of those ten elements you’ll reveal in just 60 seconds and how you’ll do so in the most captivating possible way.

The four essential to any good pitch are:

Hero, Motivation, Conflict and Passion.

Different ways to present your pitch.

There are different ways to start telling your story.

“The best way to tell you about this business is to tell you what I know about the owner who built it.” And then you do just that.

You can watch how we are using that approach here in the market now in this 60 second You Tube clip:

Sale / Leaseback of Milk Dairy Farm in Tasmania – storyID 4002

Another way you could start is with this approach:

Why, of all the farmers, agribusiness, of all the underdog stories, and of all the rags-to-riches stories, did this one capture my interest?

If you want to learn more then I recommend that you buy this book on which these concepts are based:

“How to Sell Your Story in 60 Seconds” by Michael Hauge.

I thank him for his thought leadership.


If you want to contact me directly then my email is: adam@gfaar.com